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Project: Maailma


¿ In the Finnish language, the word "Maailma" (world) consists of two different words.
The word "maa" (earth) and "ilma" (air)...The world was believed to have been formed out of a waterfowl's egg exploding. The sky was believed to be the upper cover of the egg, alternately it was seen as a tent, which was supported by a column at the north pole, below the north star...¿
To understand the spirit of the county and the spirit of the people it's very important to also know "The Kalevala" the national epic of Finland.
The Kalevala begins with the traditional Finnish creation myth, leading into stories of the creation of the earth, plants, creatures and the sky. "The Kalevala" is a major part of Finnish culture and history, and has impacted the arts in Finland. The influence of "The Kalevala" in daily life and business in Finland is tangible. Names and places associated with The Kalevala have been adopted as company and brand names and even as place names....
to catch this spirit and forces like also the energies, the silence is the main purpose of this project!


When the golden Moon had vanished,
And the silver Sun had hidden
In the iron-banded caverns,
Louhi stole the fire from Northland,
From the regions of Wainola,
Left the mansions cold and cheerless,
And the cabins full of darkness.
Night was king and reigned unbroken,
Darkness ruled in Kalevala,
Darkness in the home of Ukko.
Hard to live without the moonlight,
Harder still without the sunshine;
Ukko's life is dark and dismal,
When the Sun and Moon desert him.